Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Robert Lambert Idaho Case, Justice Denied- Update- Governor Otter is a Man of Integrity!, Robert Paisola Reports

To our friends around the world,

Thousands of people have been following our coverage of the Robert Lambert Workers Compensation Case in Idaho.

As you know, Mr. Lambert was filmed for 12 hours on a studio set as he explained in detail the problems and constant suffering that he was forced to endure at the hands of his attorneys and the officials in the State of Idaho. In case you did not see the video, here it is again.

Since this video was aired on international television, Mr. Lambert has been interviewed by many news agancies across the nation. His story is nothing more than a repeat of the John Grisham Movie "The Rainmaker" and now the world knows.

As a result of our coverage of this issue, Mr. Lambert just received a call stating that the Idaho Department of Insurance Workers Compensation Divison has NOW GRANTED FORMAL APPROVAL FOR Mr. Lambert to receive the SURGERY that he needed. The surgery is scheduled for next week and we will be on the scene in Idaho, to Document this event.

"I can not believe how fast things changed when you got involved Robert Paisola" said Lambert. "I have received calls from All over the country, and I will now be able to get all of the back benefits that I should have received" he continued, " I can not even begin to tell you how this feels, you are an incredible person, and now I understand why the world knows what you do. "Mr. Paisola, you have changed my life"

We will bring you updates from the Director of the Idaho State Department of Insurance, The Doctors Involved, the Doctors at the Mayo Clinic who have reviewed the data, the comments from the Attorneys, and Comments from the Governor of the State of Idaho, Butch CL Otter, and his administration team for making this happen.

We are now hopeful that once the surgery is complete, that the State of Idaho will issue a special order to pay Mr. Robert Lambert all of his back benefits that he deserves, along with the honorable amount for all of the suffering that he has gone through because of this ordeal.

Mr. Lambert, We are Honored to work in partnership with you, and this decision has historical implications for The State of Idaho, as Idaho Governor Butch Otter is truly a man of his word.

To your Success, Mr. Lambert

Robert Paisola
The Robert Paisola Foundation

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